Subaru Cars - 5 Must Know Performance Tips


So you own a Subaru and want to know how to take care of it, or perhaps you would like to own a Subaru. Well in this article you will find 5 tips on extending the life of your Subaru and improve its overall performance.

A Subaru is like any other car, (although true Subaru fanatics will say the opposite), and certain maintenance routines must be availed of to keep that baby ticking over. When you find that your Subaru is running sluggish or isn't performing as it must keep the subsequent in mind as a checklist:

Fuel Lines: Insulate Them
2016 Subaru Crosstrek Brookhaven MS cars, like any other cars, reach higher levels of engine power when the temperature of the fuel entering the combustion chamber is cool. By insulating the fuel line you are allowing more fuel and air to enter the combustion chamber. The easiest way of doing this is by using air conditioning or refrigerator insulation accessible from the hardware store.

Less Weight Means More Power
 It might sound obvious but many people underestimate the value of losing weight from 2017 Subaru Crosstrek Brookhaven MS cars. Before you go stripping down your Subaru of vital engine parts I suggest you start in the trunk where lots of unusable items get dumped in over time. By doing so you are dropping the load your Subaru is carrying around and creating a small saving on fuel over a longer period of time.

Oil Change
No rocket science here, just common sense. A lot of Subaru owners fail to change the engine oil when it's due and cause unnecessary engine wear. Ideally the oil should be changed in Subaru cars every 4,000 to 7,500 miles depending on how heavy your foot is on that pedal.

Air Filter Spotless
Okay possibly not spotless but reasonably clean. Take the air filter out whenever you look under the bonnet and clean out any dust or other foreign bodies that might have amassed in the air filter. Supremely an air hose must be used when cleaning the air filter in Subaru cars.

Get That Gap Right
What am I talking about here? Spark plugs. Make sure the gap in the spark plugs is the right spacing. This might seem like a small worry but could make a change to the power you receive from your car. For the right spacing just check the Subaru cars owners' manual.

I hope these 5 tips helped you out a little. Visit for more information.